Right off the bat, I smell two different people replying for

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Typically, you have less than three seconds to make an

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I joined Congress few days before the elections and I am

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So the whole time I was growing up

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That being said, it’s not a supercomputer, so it’s important

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The institute operates under the assumption that most

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I have seen quite frequently in some of the recent forum posts

It’s a very nice introduction, actually, to the imperial stout style. It’s one of the tamer, more accessible ones I’ve had recently. If I had to draw a musical analogy, I’d be more inclined to pick Billie Holiday it’s a mellow mood that anyone can get into.

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That same month, the senator went to bat for Melgen again,

If whites had allowed black women into their lily white beauty pageants, there probably would never have been black beauty pageants. White history “month" is every day, as history is told almost exclusively from the white perspective; that is part of life, because history is always told from the perspective of those who are in power. The notion that white people are superior, has been the guiding principle of all that is said and done.

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As for other assets, petrol pumps figure in the list of many ministers declarations. For instance, Consumer Affairs and Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan wife, Reena Paswan, has a petrol pump in Delhi Vasant Kunj area but its value has not been given. Gehlot has declared a petrol pump acquired in 1999 for Rs 20 lakh; its current value is estimated at Rs 1.46 crore..

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